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Our business has been established as a leading Local Cars Dealer in order to provide the best facilities for customers to navigate the sale process. We have been in the car sales business since 2011, and provide our customers with many options for selling different makes, models and types of vehicles, including the Tata Nexon, UVX, vans, trucks, wagons, harriers, and much more. We can also arrange the sale of many other makes and types of vehicles not listed here. We provide a convenient and free facility for you to register your vehicle to receive an estimated price. Rest assured that the price we pay for your used vehicle is not based solely on a narrow consideration of factors such as the number of months of registration remaining, service history, instruments in working condition, interior and exterior paints etc. The price we offer to pay is determined after inspection of the vehicle at our parking area or hangar, so that a fair estimation is reached after considering all relevant factors. Our core services are Cash for Cars and Free Car Removal. We can move your used or unwanted vehicles directly from your home, anywhere in Brisbane and surrounding areas, completely Free of Charge. We have 9 years experience in the used car sales industry in providing you with the most reliable and trusted services. We have big plans to further expand our business infrastructure and range of services offered to our valued customers. Contact us today for reliable and hassle-free disposal of your used and unwanted vehicles, and turn them into instant Cash today!